Convert your Quality Traffic Into Profitable Dollars.

Yellow Ad Network is one of the biggest buyers of interactive inventory on the internet, or any interactive advertising format. Our traffic can be looked at as coming from two distinct primary pools, a private marketplace and an on-demand platform. Yellow Ad Network MarketPlace provides access to one-to-one relationships with more then 4,000 quality publishers while Yellow Ad Network inExchange provides unlimited inventory access to every major industry suplier of scalable inventory.

We are committed to improving the user-advertising experience by enforcing high standards for ad and content quality, and working with industry bodies to develop standards and guidelines. We work with industry leading ad delivery and optimization technologies to ensure that we are delivering ads that are most relevant for our partners. Our key differentiator is our superior technology. It serves as the foundation on which our rapid growth and success has been built. We attribute our rapid growth to our superior technology, which enables us to deliver better performance to advertisers and higher revenues to publishers.

Our Mision

To deliver value, performance and measurable success in online media solutions for all our partners.


You've got the site, the content and the traffic, now its time to turn those eyeballs into revenue. You've come to the right place. At Yellow Ad Network we're always interested in adding high quality, high volume websites to our Strategic Publisher Program. If you can send Yellow Ad Network 1 million impressions monthly (minimum) we encourage you to apply now.

A highly trained staff member reviews every single ad we choose to run. We check everything, from the ad itself and underlying code, all the way to the landing page. Anything that does escape our expert staff is typically apprehended by our extensive system monitoring that scans for malicious behavior, drive by downloads, file exploits and malware.

Approval Process

Yellow Ad Network reviews every single application we receive manually. That's right, a real warm body will review your application in great detail. All potential publishers are subjected to a rigorous review process with several criteria that must be met or exceeded in order to consider the application further. Some of these criteria are related to traffic volumes and quality, some are related to content and others are simply based on the visual appeal of your site.

Review criteria include

Yellow Ad Network requires 1 million impressions sent to us monthly. Thats not total impressions, thats sent to us to fill. If you cannot meet this requirement, your application will not be considered.

Is your site visually appealing? Professional? - We accept only the best.

Number of unique visitors per month.

Do you engage in ad exploitation? E.g. refreshing ads or pages automatically, excessive ads on pages or multiple pops.

Is your site primarily original content?

Your site should not contain any kind of adult content.

CPM rates and revenue

Because our philosophy is to serve an ad with revenue potential to each and every visitor every time (no PSA's no Defaults), it's impossible for us to predict what sort of CPM rate or what type of revenue an individual publisher can earn. There are simply too many variables and for that reason, we cannot estimate or quote CPM rates and revenue figures.

What we can tell you is this: unique visitors are highly valued by advertisers, whereas once that visitor has been served, their value goes down. It certainly doesn't mean we can't serve an ad to that visitor, it simply means that the visitor has less value to the advertiser and the rates will be lower.

Flat/Fixed Rate buys

We are pleased to offer some Yellow Ad Network Strategic Publisher Partners a customized flat rate plan for unique US traffic. If you qualify, Yellow Ad Network will buy your unique US traffic (based on our stats) at a flat rate we'll negotiate with you before hand. Its easy to get started and doesn't require any additional code on your part if you're already an Yellow Ad Network partner. Find out of you qualify, negotiate your flat rate, keep running your tags and enjoy the revenue boost.


Yellow Ad Network reserves the right to reject any application for any reason or no reason at all. While we do try to respond to every application we receive, applications that are blatantly in violation of our acceptable criteria may not receive a response.

If you have specific questions about whether your site may or may not qualify, please contact us prior to completing an application so that we can assist you.

NOTE: New accounts may or may not be offered a Flat Rate at inception.
Sites are judged on a case by case basis, not everyone will be offered a flat rate.


Let your ad spend do more for you. Get more for your campaigns by getting through to the right audience at the right time and with the most effective creatives. Attract your online consumers economically through the variety of channels our network has to offer. Effectively target your products to those that are interested and keep track of how well your campaigns are performing.

Online advertising comes in a pile of flavors these days. It can be hard to make sense of all options; behavioral, contextual, targeted, re-targeted, segmented, branding, performance, pricing models etc... With Yellow Ad Network at your side, you don't have to. Our experts provide as much or as little detail as you like and make decisions with you, not for you. Learn more about how you can partner with Yellow Ad Network on your next campaign.

We Take your Brand To The Extra Miles Where Others Networks Can't Reach.

Thats Why Our Advertisers Get The Most & Best Convertions.

Our Management Services Are Designed To Help You To Achieve Your Marketing Objectives.

Our Services & Solutions Can Help You Maximize Your Return On Investment.

Easy To Use Reporting Features To Help You And To Identify Your Actionable Trends.

We Use Industry's Best Trusted Technology To Make Sure You More Comfatable.

Delivering your audience.

Yellow Ad Network enables advertisers of all kinds the ability to secure cost effective interactive media, in a global marketplace.
Whether the stated goal is driven by branding or ROI metrics, the success of any campaign ultimately rests on the advertiser's ability to define, identify, and target an audience most likely to respond to the value of what is being offered.
Yellow Ad Network leverages cutting-edge data integration, global inventory reach, and a global distribution engine to match its clients' advertising message with the most targeted audience available across interactive platforms.
One of the main challenges in the online advertising industry is to increase and measure the reach of the advertising campaign while protecting your brand. 'Transparency of Outcomes' is what we strive to provide to our advertisers especially in terms of providing support on measuring the reach and the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Whether the advertising goal is to generate Brand Awareness, Brand Recognition or to generate leads/sales we help advertisers capitalize on every level of the consumer decision.

At Yellow Ad Network, we leverage industry-specific knowledge to create fully tailored advertising solutions by incorporating market insights. Based on our knowledge of ad serving and analytics platforms we have developed strong relationships with our publishers that assure them that the campaigns are run most effectively.

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